The True Architects of the Great American Songbook

Hundreds, if not thousands of biographies have navigated their way through the advent of Jazz in the 20th Century. They meticulously detail, often with overt romanticism, the lives and times of Bebop and beyond. If one were to look at Jazz in a historical context from these narratives alone, one would be content with the belief that Jazz was a revolutionary struggle against the powers that be, that Bebop was an organic evolution of radical thinking in radical times. However, the birth of Bebop was a largely chemical endeavor enabled by heroin-laced virtuoso’s, a fact that is in no way surprising. The forces surrounding that narcotics trade and ‘culture of cool’ however, can be. Bebop is considered to be a rebellious musical outcry of an oppressed community, however, it was encouraged, funded and medicated by the very same forces those musicians and their cultural counterparts were ostensibly opposing.

As such, a very different picture begins to emerge when you study and identify the players behind the scenes of the industry, from the doctors and social scientists to the machinations of the military industrial complex and their counterparts in the media. This study is no way an indictment on Jazz itself per-se, this is an examination of the surrounding forces driving it, and also a reflection on how Jazz can and has been used as the propaganda arm for many organisations with nefarious dealings. Not to mention the chemical influence many institutes have had on the players themselves; from harrowing human experiments in a government facility in Lexington, Kentucky on many prominent musicians, to the relentless importation of heroin and other substances made possible by an unholy alliance of government agencies and criminal enterprises. Many of these organisations were also funding and nurturing the advent of not only Jazz, but many facets of culture that are still prevalent today.

It is important to note that the actions of individuals are not representative of an entire group. Many good people from all walks of life work in many of the organisations that will be discussed on this site, and for the most part this is the rule of thumb, but as the saying goes; ‘the path to hell is paved with good intentions’. As such, many of these organisations attract well-meaning individuals, but as we will find, the larger picture paints a rather different portrait. Much like the relationship between governmental intelligence agencies, often times ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’, leading many to chase their own tail to find that sometimes the criminals they are hunting are counterparts within their own ranks. It is not unusual to look around at the state of the world today and wonder how things have come to pass, in fact an entire industry has spawned to examine and debate such topics. Across all media platforms we are fed an endless carousel of ‘hand-wringers’ and ‘talking heads’ debating surface level issues in society; whichever pre-selected flavour of the month the ‘outrage mob’ wishes to eschew. Games of identity politics paraded around by people who live in urban sprawls, who feel they identify more with the concept of an identity based ‘community’ than they do with the actual neighbors on their own street. This constant pantomime is tantamount to a matador’s ‘Brega’, serving simply to deflect attention from far greater crimes being committed both overseas, and on native populations by the very same people dictating the mainstream narratives.

We in the ‘West’ have allowed these various subcultures and forms of entertainment to collectively, and very effectively, divide us in to social and cultural ghettos, distracting us from the crimes against humanity our governments and various organisations commit both on ourselves, and to people the world over. Unprecedented levels of homelessness, endless wars fueled by lies and deception, unfathomable rates of opioid addictions, the collapse of social cohesion and untold epidemic levels of modern slavery under it’s less salacious title of ‘human trafficking’ are occurring every day… And no one bats an eyelid.

It is no secret that the Bebop movement and all popular music forms following it were shrouded in stories of drug use, mysterious deaths, violence, promiscuity, avant-garde thinking, revolutionary acts, protests and more. What has been kept rather well hidden, however, is the endorsement and orchestration of such events to occur from many of the ‘Powers that Be’. Or, to quote Vladimir Lenin; “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves”. This site seeks to reveal those characters long forgotten in history, but far more influential on the events of the last century than the standard narrative would have previously revealed.

Over the years, industries have emerged based around studying this group of Jazz musicians of the Bebop era and beyond, many films, books and documentaries have been released. The Hollywood Machine has no shortage of those who wish to interview the children of these ‘Jazz Giants’, and have them re-live the trauma they endured as the child of often hot-headed junkies for the silver screen. In fairness, families are not left with much choice after the record companies consume the rights and royalties to aforementioned works from their relatives. This is not an unusual practice in the industry, and the same practices can be seen across all manners of celebrity and public figures from sports to politics and more. Aside from the VH1 ‘Gatekeeper’ style methods of telling those ‘cookie-cutter’ stories, this offering is a somewhat different approach…

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