Here you will find recommended videos and talks that relate to and provide further information on the work I produce on this site. It is strongly recommended that further research be done on each subject, and note that some may overlap. Please click the images for content.

The Narco Farm Documentary; A further look inside the establishment that served as a petri-dish of cultural and psycho-chemical experimentation in America. Featuring interviews with former doctors and patients of the facility, and footage of the senate hearings where it was revealed in real time to witnesses that they had been victims of CIA experimentation.

American Drug War; The Last White Hope; Directed by Kevin Booth in 2007, this is an in depth study on the ramifications of America’s ‘War on Drugs’. It features interviews with key players such as Freeway Rick Ross and former CIA/DEA agents engaged in the trafficking. It elaborates heavily, also, on the courageous work of journalist Gary Webb.

Yuri Bezmenov, Lecture on Cultural Subversion 1983; A former KGB defector explains the process and goals of cultural subversion. Culture is a tool of psychological warfare and has been used on the west by our own, and foreign governments for many, many decades. Highly illuminating lecture with ramifications we are still suffering today.

Anarchy USA, G. Edward Griffin; An in-depth study on the hidden forces behind revolutionary movements across the world, and then in the United States. Featuring interviews with former African American members of the Communist Party USA, who warned of those who were manipulating the narrative, and how they were used to serve a more brutal agenda. G. Edward Griffin is also the author of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ on the birth of the Federal Reserve, and also interviewed Yuri Bezmenov here.

Dave McGowan with Grimerica; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. To understand what was done with the psycho-chemical weaponry produced at the Narco Farm. Dave McGowan wrote a book regarding the nefarious military elements and background players that launched the psychological warfare operation known as the ‘Hippy Generation’ on America. A fantastic interview on the ‘Grimerica’ show which lays it out, for those who wish to learn more about his research & buy the book, which I highly recommend you do, his website is managed by his daughter here. RIP Dave.